Get your medications at no extra cost for delivery. And get other great benefits, too!

Don’t you wish your medications were easier?

C³HealthcareRx (or just “C3,” for short) provides a unique service that can help make your medications easier if:

  • You take 5 or more prescription medications.
  • You take certain medications that have been identified as high-risks for people age 65 and older. Those medications include specific blood thinners, pain medications (NSAIDs), narcotics, antihistamines (medications that help with allergies and rashes, for example), and several other types.
  • You’re an adult caregiver for a patient who has been diagnosed with dementia (brain conditions, including Alzheimer’s Disease, that cause problems with thinking and memory).

Here’s how C3 makes medications easier for you.


You enroll by calling us toll-free at 855-333-2734, by completing the form below, or by asking your doctor or health care partner to refer you to our service


A C3 Patient Care Coordinator visits with you to make a list of all of your medications


A C3 pharmacist looks carefully at all of your medications to see if there are any problems and to see if you can save any money


On the same day every month, we deliver your medications right to your mailbox or front door (with no extra charge for delivery)


We stay in touch with you and your doctor through regular phone calls or in-person visits. We answer questions about your medications, and help you make sure that your medications are working for you.

Three great ways C3 makes things easier.

Fewer Worries

We help you make sure you’re taking the right medications

Fewer Steps

We save you trips to the pharmacy, and save you the time it takes to find ways to save money on medications

More Help

We stay on top of your refills, share information with your doctor, and answer your questions

Answers to common questions about our services.

If you have questions about C3, we’d like to answer them. Just call us at 855-333-2734. Or you can send us an email at We also invite you to read the questions and answers below. Just click each question, and the answer will appear below it. It’s that easy!

Yes, we are often able to help our customers save money on their medications. For example, our pharmacists may be able to work with your doctor to suggest lower-cost medications for you. That means you might have lower co-pays for your medications. Also, if you are on a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, using our services might be able to help you lower out-of-pocket costs for your medications when you are in what’s called the “donut hole.” (The “donut hole” is the gap between when you’ve spent enough on your medications to reach your initial Medicare coverage limit, but you haven’t spent so much that Medicare covers the rest of your medication costs for you.)
Health Plans and Medicare/Medicaid reimburse C3 for the medications and services we provide. So our customers don’t have to pay additional fees for our services. They just pay the normal co-pays for their medications.
No, you won’t!  You’ll pay the standard co-pays you normally pay for your medications. There is no charge for our medication education, synchronization and delivery services.
You can pay for your medications from C3 by credit card or debit card. Remember, there is no charge for delivery. Your only cost is co-pays for your medications.
Our service provides much more than delivery of your medications! Here are some of the other ways we help you:

  • We help simplify your medications by delivering all of them to you on the same day every month
  • We help you understand what your medications do and why you’re taking them
  • Our pharmacists look very closely at your medication list to help make sure the medications you’re taking are safe and effective for you
  • We look for ways to help you save money on your medications
  • We encourage you to talk with a C3 pharmacist who can answer your questions by phone
  • We help coordinate your medications with your physician and any specialists you might be seeing (like a heart doctor, liver specialist, etc.)
It’s okay if you need to have a prescription filled before the day that your monthly supply of medications is scheduled to get to you. We will use a local delivery service or an overnight shipment carrier to ensure you get your medications within 24 hours.
Yes. We will coordinate your medications with your primary and specialty care doctors.
Our pharmacists and technicians take the time to get to know you. We do that first through meeting with you by phone or in person at your home, at your doctor’s office, or at the hospital. Then, we stay in touch with you regularly to stay on top of your medications and better understand your health concerns. As we get to know you better, we can deliver better patient care for you!

We’re Here to Listen—and to Help

Just take a minute to complete the form at right. We will contact you soon to answer your questions about Pharmacy Services from C3. Or you can call us toll-free right now at 855-333-2734. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to learn how we can help.

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